Welcome Home Kits

Fresh Start Program

Welcome home kits are perfect for families getting back on their feet in a new house or apartment. These packs can be stuffed with anything you request - including cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, cooking and safety supplies - to help families begin the work of rebuilding. As a church, community organization, rescue mission, or anyone lending a helping hand to others, you can save time and money by purchasing these as assembled packs at a great low price!

Some suggested items includes:

  • 10 PK Scrubber Sponge
  • 12 QT Pail
  • Angle Broom
  • All in One Sink Set
  • Dish Soap Dispenser, Scrubber
  • Dust Pan with Brush
  • Bowl Brush and Holder
  • Shower Curtain Rings
  • Heavyweight Clear Shower Curtain Liner
  • Flashlight and 2pk D Batteries
  • 10" Frying Pan
  • 10" Tongs
  • 12" Nylon Turner
  • 2 PK Pot Holder
  • 2 PK Ice Cube Trays
  • 3 PC Textile Set (towel and 2 clothes)
  • 3QT Plastic Pitcher
  • 4 pc Wooden Spoons
  • 4 PK Plastic Bowls
  • 4 PK Plastic Tumblers
  • Colander with Handle
  • Wastebasket
  • Trash Bags
  • Gallon Zipper Bags
  • Clear Plastic Wrap
  • Onion Salt
  • Chicken Seasoning
  • Salt & Pepper 2pk
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